BEST FAMILY HOTEL IN CRIMEA 2021 | Mar La mar Club Hotel |Отель Мар ле мар будда бич Крым Песчаное

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Is this the best family holiday hotel in Crimea 2021? I visited Mar La Mar Club hotel in Crimea and it turn to be a great family option due to the enhance services they provide for kids. This vlog will give you a glimpse of what you expect and why you should consider staying here.For adults the Buddha beach Crimea section is so relaxing.Address below...
Отдых в Крыму 2021 куда поехать ? Отель Мар ле мар будда бич buddha beach Крым Песчаное пляжи Крыма

☎️Hotel Address: вул. Набережна, 11В, Peschanoye
Phone: 8 (978) 990-77-71

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Отдых в Крыму
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